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Itspeak studio was established in March 2005 by Nor Azrin Karim. He realized that there was a great potential in the market at the time and a huge demand for multimedia and graphic design works. The name `Itspeak' is a combination of the term `Information Technology' and 'speak' is a form of communication that conveys branding. The intention is to create harmony between the IT environment and the right branding practices.

Itspeak strengths lie in its well-experienced team whom are consists of talented designers & programmers, skillful photographers, brilliant writers and a 3D animator. Our personalized and focused service centre on a client's requirement and need to ensure their products' competitiveness in this challenging global environment. The combination of a detailed process, broad experience and expansive creative vision enable us to create solutions that are innovative, usable and reliable, yet relevant to a client's market. In the company's 6 years of industry experiences, we maintain excellent ongoing relationship with our clients across the globe, some of which are well-established companies, whilst at the same time, deepen our knowledge and expertise in the industry.


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